Friday, February 12, 2010

Most Visited Museums

Amsterdam is home to about 42 musuems and galleries, that represent the city's historical and cultural heritage. All the museums appeals to the visitors of hotels Amsterdam more than any other attraction of the city. The most convinient way of visiting the museums is on foot as most of them are situated close to each other. Most of the tourists of hotel in Amsterdam also prefer to take th Museum Boat, which offers a shuttle service service linking twenty museums and other attractions of this amazing city.

hotels amsterdamRijksmuseum

Origially founded as the National Art Gallery, the Rijksmuseum is one of the most visited museum by tourists of hôtel à Amsterdam. The collections of this Amsterdam museum such as paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and decorative arts from the middle ages to the 20th century are very impressive. It very clearly reflects the Dutch history. Tourists of Hotels Amsterdam mainly love to see the works of the 17th century which features works of Rembrandt such as The Night Watch. The masterpieces of artists such as Vermeer, Frans Hals, van Leyden and Jan Mostaerta are also very interesting unlike Antwerp Musuems.

amsterdam hotelsVan Gogh Museum

Almost all the tourists visiting hoteles Amsterdam for a holiday take trips to Van Gogh Museum. It houses the world's largest collection of artist Van Gogh's work from the early days. In all the paintings that you can see in this Amsterdam museum, you will note that masterpieces of different periods of time has the influence of that particular period. For example in the paintings of 1886, you will see the influence of the impressionsts. If you visit this museum while staying in hotel en Amsterdam, you will also find works of Post-impressionst artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Gaugin and Sisley. A must visit place for art enthusiasts.

hotels AmsterdamMaritime Museum

On your visit to hotel Amsterdam promotion, you should not miss a chance of visiting the Maritime Museum to know more about the Dutch naval history. This museum of Amsterdam is housed in an old warehouse and houses one of the world's most important maritime collections. The collections of this beautiful Amsterdam museum is displayed in twenty five rooms. It is very exciting to see the paintings, antiquarian maps and navigation instruments. Besides there are numerous models and a full-sized replica of the Dutch East-India merchantman, 'Amsterdam', which sank off the south coast of England in 1749. You can also buy antiquarian books and maps, replica instruments and model of ships and kits if you want in the maritime shops available in the museum. You won't have such fun in your visit paris best museums.
Stedelijk Museum

Most of art enthusiasts go for citytrip Amsterdam, to visit the Stedelijk Museum as it specialises in art from the mid-nineteenth to the present times. Even the collection now in the Van Gogh Museum was originally a part of this museum. It is known allover Europe as the most important museum for modern and contemporary art in Netherland. Impotant collections of this famous museum include de Stijl, Nouveau Réalisme, Colorfield, CoBrA and Pop Art. Individual works of Kooning, Warhol, Chagall, Gilbert & George, Mondrian and Kandinsky are also popular. The sculpture garden is not to be missed during your visit to this Amsterdam museum.

Anne Frank House

You can visit the Anne Frank House during your weekendje Amsterdam, to get some idea about how refugees existed during the War. Those who have read the Dairy of Ann Frank will immensly love this place. The exhibiton space has the original of the diary on display, which is in front of the house, where Otto Frank ran his business. A visit to this museum will actually make you relive the life of the young girl and her family.

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